• It's origins go back to my family's original bakery in the 1800's in St. Petersburg. The PIEwich is a modern evolution of the Russian pie (piroshki). The piroshki nourished the key workers of that era - those that drove the economy to success - the miners.

  • Our modern twist on this classic has been created to sustain the Millennial generation. Encased in a carrier that is less in fat than pastry and deep filled with more of what is good. When served cold, it's a sandwich - warmed up it's a pie. It provides the versatility that Millennials want from their food choices.

  • The shape and size of our PIEwich was chosen to provide an easy hand-held, eat-on-the-go experience without leaving the consumer over-stuffed or under-whelmed. With our target customer in mind - the core PIEwich packaging is made from plants ! - and is compostable.

  • In summary, the PIEwich has a 200 year old lineage but has been modernised to suit the palette of the discerning Millennial eater.

WHO has created this?

We call ourselves Reinvented Food.
What is a reinvented food?
In short, it is a redesign of a food product that has remained unchanged for several generations. What we do is reinvent it for the modern consumer. We have many reinventions to release in 2020. Ask to be added to our mailing list to be kept in touch.
— Steve Jones (co-Founder) | Email - steve@piewich.co | Mobile - 07854 16 05 55
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If you are interested in stocking the PIEwich…

Contact Steve on steve@piewich.co | or | 07854 160 555

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