The Tchaikovsky and Lover - meal for two

The Tchaikovsky and Lover - meal for two


Choose your Russian meal for two… hit Add to Cart - and then you both can choose your starter, any piroshki (pie), salad and dessert.

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A good place to start if you both want to try our award-winning Russian food - gives you a chance to expand your selection and share.

With choices for each course - Starter (3), Mains (9), Salad (3) and Dessert (3) - that gives you many, many choices for your Russian meal.

** Today - the posting and packing is discounted to £5.50 from the usual £10.50
** Saving = £5.00 **

** Also £5.00 less than the delivered cost of 2 of the Meal for One Collections **

Purchases of food that total £50 or more - DELIVERY IS FREE :-)

If you are ordering TWO (or even more) of this Collection then the contents of 1st box and the 2nd box (etc…) will be identical in terms of contents. If you want to mix it all up a bit more than that - then please contact us <here> to discuss and we will be happy to try and get the diversity you wish.

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