The Rimsky-Korsakov Collection - 6 Classic pies

The Rimsky-Korsakov Collection - 6 Classic pies


Choose any SIX of our Classic piroshki… hit Add to Cart - and then you can choose your 6 selections.

Maybe you want to try a mix of veggie, fish and meat piroshki - choose 6 from our Classic range. 6 in total.

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** Today - the posting and packing is discounted to £7.50 from the usual £10.50 **

Purchases of food that total £50 or more - DELIVERY IS FREE :-)

If you are ordering TWO (or even more) of this Collection then the contents of 1st box and the 2nd box (etc…) will be identical in terms of contents. If you want to mix it all up a bit more than that - then please contact us <here> to discuss and we will be happy to try and get the diversity you wish.

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