RUSSIAN PIES AND THE CELEBS at the Radio 2 Studios

The highlight of the experience: 

Chris eats one of our pies and gives it his famous "Woo Hoo !" and thumbs award approval. 

Russian Pie pioneer, Leeza Murina, meets Chris Evans in his BBC Radio 2 studio. Listen to his verdict on our award-winning Chicken & Chorizo Piroshki.

After my appearance on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 show - see <here> for full interview, I got a phone call from his researcher who said that Chris had been so impressed with my interview that he was keen to invite us down to the studio in London. Me thinks, the request for me to bring some Russian Pies with me could have been the chief motivating factor behind the invitation ;-)

So off we went, me and my partner, Steve and the kids Rebecca and Clare. In brief, it was an incredible experience.

We all got to be a part of the show by being allowed to be inside the actual studio from where Chris was broadcasting. 

Even our pies got to be inside the studio to - scattered all over the desks where the guests would pick a pie for themselves and munch them during their interview. Well not literally ! But in between questions, of course.


After the show was over Leeza got to chat with Chris about how her pies were popular all of the country and how we have a enthusiastic band of customers who follow us from food even  to food event - to which Chris likened Leeza to the Pied Piper (of Pies)!
Afterwards we got great feedback about the taste and look of the pies from the various celebrities who were there - some of whom even took one or two of them home for dinner later that day.

It was good to meet the array of stars - Rob Brydon, Rhys Ifans, Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Years & Years.

The highlight, of course, was to meet Mr. Chris Evans - who was so kind and delightful to all of us. He even sampled our pies and was happy to say - voluntarily ! - that he thought our pies were "amazing". What a wonderful compliment from a man who definitely knows a good pie when he tastes it ! Thank you, Chris. :-)

PS.  Listen to a short clip when Leeza was a 'guest' on his show a couple of weeks earlier <here>


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