We are proud to be the winner of another major food award in 2018. This time it was organised by Speciality Food Magazine - a trade magazine to the farm shop, deli and independent food sector. Co-Sponsored by Bread and jam - the premier event for artisan food makers.

We were awarded the New Food Producer of the Year 2018 trophy for the ‘World Foods’ category. We heard that there were over 400 artisan food and drink companies that entered the competition - so we did pretty well to get the prize.

What was most pleasing is the quote by one of the judge’s - i.e. from Renée Elliott, the founder of Planet Organic - (the UK's largest fully certified organic supermarket) - who wrote this about The Russian Food Company’s food

“…The Russian Food Co’s piroshki is a great innovation for the UK’s food market. Attractive and tasty, it’s a healthier evolution of the many unhealthy pies already on the market.”

Beside’s praise from the other judges delivered on the day - two judges in particular left us feeling elated.

Adrian Boswell - Fresh Food Buyer for Selfridge’s Food Hall reminded me again that he wanted to stock our multi-award winning piroshki - having first discovered us a couple of years earlier at the Harrogate Food trade show.

While Paul Hargreaves - founder of Cotswold Fayre - also expressed a desire to stock us once we have our retail-ready packaging in place. (and that is going to happen sooner than we all thought thanks to John at Sheffield Hallam University !)


Read about the award ceremony <here>

Steve Jones of The Russian Food Company, winners of the World Foods category, told of the journey of a piroshki recipe that dates back 150 years.

Here’s how Speciality Magazine wrote us up after our win with them:

Basing themselves on a recipe that traces back 150 years, founders Steve Jones and Leeza Murina saw a gap in the UK market and sought to fill it. The Russian Food Company offers Britons one of Russia’s most popular foods: the piroshki. Described as a cross between a gourmet sandwich and an artisan pie, the product has flown off the shelves, with foodies fascinated by a new offering and non-foodies tentatively following suit. As a recipe taken from Soviet Union times, it has a basis in many countries apart from Russia- Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine- bringing together the flavours of many different origins into a single tasty pastry. Link <here>

Stephen JONESComment