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Home Delivery FAQs - part 1

What is a Russian Pie?








Tell me Leeza, what is it you deliver then?


Our best sellers are my award-winning Russian pies called 'piroshki' (said as 'per-rosh-kee'). They are deep-filled, generous single portion pies.

My traditional hand-crafted Russian Piroshki is a lightly sweet soft buttery yeast dough - wrapped around a seasoned filling of say, baked chicken thigh morsels and two types of chorizo - one mild, the other stronger. Our filling is massive in proportion to the outer baked dough - unlike traditional British pies that are the opposite !

I have won 19 British Pie Awards in the last 3 years - which includes 2 Class Champion accolades - and now 5 Great Taste Awards - one them being 3 stars out of 3  - for our Sea Bass and Cod <here>. Plus 2 x Two Stars and 2 x One Star.

Check me and my family's bakery story - and the history of the pies I make <here>

For more general information about our food scroll down this page to 'Our Food FAQs'. For more specific information about each food item - browse my Food Hall <here>

The food available at is freshly made in our "own kitchen" (or rather our 3,500 sq ft unit !) - and, due to customer demand, is now available to order online - direct to your door in our special Cool Boxes. Our award-winning Russian Pies are sent out to you ready-cooked, so that you can enjoy them as they are or simply re-heat them as and when you want them. Our Pies are very suitable for freezing - and defrost surprisingly dry - not soggy like pastry pies.  

Generally each pie weighs around 260gm each (but every pie varies depending on the filling).

All Pie orders come in different quantities - check the Pie 'Collections' <here>. We can cater for larger orders but these should be ordered in advance - after I discuss your requirements with you. Contact us <here>

Why chose Home Delivery?

  1. No need to leave home to enjoy our food !

  2. Freshly baked and delivered first class to your door in secure packaging, you’ll be able to enjoy your award-winning food just as much as if you’d visited us in person. 

  3. Your pies will arrive the day after baking. They are at their best for 7 days, so you’ll have at least 5 or 6 days in which to enjoy it as it would be if you collected from us in person. 
    They also freeze well and defrost dry.

  4. What’s more, our 'Collections' make great gifts and we can even include a personalised message which we’ll include on one of our Russian postcards.

Does it have to be delivered to my home?

Not at all. We can arrange delivery to your place of work too. But it does have to be the Friday and between the hours of 8am and 6pm. However there has to be someone to receive and sign for the package.

Home Delivery FAQs - part 2

How does my order get to me and how does it stay fresh?

Your order is sent via courier fresh from our bakery. Your polystyrene box is a great insulator and has distilled water ice packs inside which thaw in transit to keep the contents ice cool. There will be no leakage of water on your products from the ice packs. Your box will be with you within 24 hours of packing, but should there be a rare but unavoidable delay and your box cannot be delivered until the next day, fear not. Our packaging has been designed to keep the contents safe and cool for at least 48 hours which ensures that all of your tasty pies will be fresh as a daisy the next day too.

Do my food arrive fresh or frozen?

It arrives fresh. All our food arrives ready-cooked. It can be eaten cold or warmed up. Heating instructions are below. On arrival, we recommend you add to your fridge any of the pies you might wish to eat over the next 7 days. And pop any remaining pies in the freezer. Also if during the week you decide to eat something different than the pies you put in the fridge then you also can pop these in the freezer too.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our Russian Pies UK-wide but sadly there are a few exceptions - we will need to check with our courier if you feel you may not be an easy place for delivery. Usually these places are in the north of Scotland and also include the Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles - we will let you know ASAP if your address is proving a problem for the courier and we can look for an alternative way to deliver to you.

Home Delivery FAQs - part 3

Why do you only deliver on Fridays?

It’s all about freshness and quality. We start our pie making on Wednesday and have your food ready for collection Thursday afternoon. Hence the Friday delivery. Once we get more help we may be able to support a Tuesday pick up for Wednesday delivery.

What's the latest I can order for Friday delivery?

We need to know your requirements by Tuesday noon, so we can include them in our ingredient shopping on Wednesday. Obviously you can order any days before the Tuesday - but once we receive your order we will assume it is for delivery the forthcoming Friday following receipt of your order. Unless you give us a specific Friday date beyond the forthcoming Friday. <Contact> us to arrange this.

Postage & Packaging

The packaging we use to keep your food chilled and protected plus the delivery charge made by the courier for each of our Food Collection packs - regardless of the contents - is £10.50, UK mainland only (excludes north of Glasgow). 

We often run discounts on this P & P charge and for orders over £50 we absorb the total charge and delivery is free.

Note: We make no profit from neither the Packaging nor Postage costs - and often absorb some of the cost of P & P.

Home Delivery FAQs - part 4

Delivery dates and times

The courier's Friday delivery times are between 8am-6pm on the Friday. We use the next day delivery courier service (Parcelforce) who will specify the target time of delivery by text and email.

What happens if I am not at home when they deliver?

As we are sending perishable products, ideally the food package should be delivered within 24 hours of dispatch, to get to you in perfect condition. If you cannot be at home of the time of your delivery, via our courier, you can arrange the parcel to be left in a secure place of your choice or neighbour if this suits you better.

You just need to leave those instructions for us in the comments box available during the checkout process. Please make sure the correct delivery address information is given when orders are placed, as we cannot be held responsible for any missing parcels left without a signature being given. All orders must be placed in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible once the delivery box is opened. As you would expect, failure to store the product properly will cause it to spoil.

If you are planning a surprise...

Or would like to send someone some pies as a gift, we can put any message from you inside the parcel for addressor to pick up. (Any notes can be left in the comments box during the checkout process)

Home Delivery FAQs - part 5

Customer satisfaction

We are trying our best to ensure all the products you have ordered are received in good condition. However, if you find that the products you have received are not up to a standard you have expected, moreover not in satisfactory condition, then please ensure you notify us within 24 hours after your delivery. As you would expect, we (and the Courier) will also need proof of any damages that have been made. We will promptly follow up and check our own systems and get back to you as quickly as we can. If we are assured the package left securely packed then we will inform you. Therefore the cause of the problem will be the Courier. See below what to do if this is the case:



Payment & Checkout

Your chosen products (within a 'Collection') can be still changed on the checkout page, as can the quantity of 'Collection' packages in your basket - and you can even delete those 'Collections' you no longer wish to order.

Any questions

Please go to our <contact> page and ask.

Click & Collect FAQs

Click & Collect

When to Order

Order by Wednesday 11pm (evening) if want them to collect at the forthcoming weekend event. Otherwise order anytime. You select the event. See our events <here>

We also offer Collection from our premises from Sheffield and many local people use this as an alternative to paying carrier charges. Once we receive your ‘Click and Collect’ order we will be in touch to advise which day is best to come to our premises to collect your order.

At the Checkout

You will be given an option - is this order for HOME DELIVERY or COLLECTION - do not choose 'Home Delivery' obviously ;-)

Go to the drop-down menu and select the event that you prefer to pick up at. We offer the next few weeks events on this list. It may be helpful if you review the events we are doing in the near future by going 'Our Events' <here> This will make it easier for you to choose the one you prefer to collect your order from.

When do I collect my order?

During the event trading times. This can be found by reviewing the trading times of the event at 'Our Events' <here>. As we will hold your order in our chill box for the duration of the event - so there is no specific time you need to collect it - other than come between the official trading times of the event.

Our best sellers are my award-winning Russian pies called 'piroshki' (said as 'per-rosh-kee'). They are deep-filled, generous single portion pies. Generally they weigh around 260gm each (but every pie varies depending on the filling). For more general information scroll down this page. For more specific information about each food item - browse my Food Hall <here>

Our Food FAQs - 1


Please <contact> us with your questions about the ingredients of our products.

(1) Allergen Info for:  Chicken & Chorizo Pie, Creamy Mushroom Pie, Roasted Veggie Pie, Mushroom POtato Cake, Beef Potato Cake, Carrot Salad, Honey Cake, Cinnamon Bunza   :

Download a PDF with  the info <here> - sheet 1

(2) Allergen Info for:   Salmon & Cream Cheese Pie, Babooshka Tart, Sea Bass & Cod Pie :

Download a PDF with  the info <here> - sheet 2

(3) Allergen Info for:  Beef & Onion Pie, Triple Cheese Pie, Goats Cheese Pie, Moroccan Veggie Pie  :

Download a PDF with  the info <here> - sheet 3

Nutritional Information

To follow - we are asking Sheffield Hallam University to assist us on identifying the nutritional elements of our food.

Russian Food

Russian pies are called 'piroshki' - more <here>. Unlike British pies these are not made with pastry but a light Russian pie dough. Many of our pies have won medals at the <British Pie Awards>. We had great success at the 2018 Great Taste Awards. Read the news <here>

More information about our food <here>

Check our other web site for more information about Russian food <here>

Can I bake my Russian pie from frozen?

No. Our pies are deep filled with only a light pie dough on the outside. If you bake from frozen the pie dough will brown way before the dense filling has been thawed and warmed by the oven. Not a hap-pie ending for our delicious food ! So please defrost any pies you have frozen - ideally pop in the fridge the night before you wish to enjoy them for dinner, nice and warm from the oven.

Can I eat my pie cold?

Of course, if you are taking it from the fridge at home, we would suggest you allow it to come up to room temperature before tucking in as you will get more of the flavour that way ! Almost all the pies are enjoyable at room temperature but some do taste nicer if warmed up - these pies are Triple Cheese and Beef & Onion.

Warming Guidelines

To re-heat the Pies from chilled: pre-heat the oven (180o C/Gas mark 4), once that temperature has been reached them warm the pies for the number of minutes indicated in the chart below - until piping hot throughout. If using a fan-assisted oven then please cover the pie with foil as the pie dough will brown too quickly.

Screenshot 2018-07-18 at 6.18.55 PM.png