6 x Classic Pies for £24

6 x Classic Pies for £24


You can enjoy a discount when you order 1 of our Packs of SIX pies together (“The 6 Pack”). You need to chose the Quantity “1 “ - then after that - you select ADD TO CART - you will then be asked to select the quantity of each pie you want included in this ‘6 Pack’. Remember to order only SIX pies in total.

However - if you want to order, say 2 of our “6 Pack” - remember to chose a total of 6 pies. You can order 2 of one variety, and 1 each of the others. But the total amount of pies chosen needs to add up to 6.

Note if you order “ 2 “ packs - please note both packs will include the SAME combination of SIX items you choose. Get around this by ordering “1” pack with your fave combination then order another “1” pack with another combination.

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