the £7 Special (3 items)

the £7 Special (3 items)


Please choose your combination of our best sellers - Smoked Ham Sausage Roll, Potato Cake filled with Mushroom and Potato Cake filled with ground beef.

You can enjoy a small discount when you order 3 of our £2.50 items together. You need to chose the Quantity, “ 1 “ - then after that - you select ADD TO CART - you will then be asked to select the quantity of each of the 3 items you want included in this ‘£7 Special'’. Remember to order only 3 items in total. (If you accidentally order more than 3 we will re-select the 3 for you - i.e. one of each).

Note if you order “ 2 “ packs - please note both will include the combination of items you choose.

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