Cinnamon Bunza

This kind of cinnamon bun you won't find in a supermarket - why? It is packed with cinnamon !

What customers like about it

It is packed with lots of that healthy spice cinnamon. The Russian's use three times the amount typically found in the average cinnamon bun.

They like the good shelf life on it and that it can be freshened up as if you baked it itself by serving it warmed up fresh from the oven.


Origins & more

In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon bun takes the name of kanelbulle (literally: 'cinnamon bun'). Though the version we make has its roots in the Finnish version known as the Korvapuusti.

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A little Tip

Delicious enough as it is - the taste sensation can be heightened by warming it up in the oven. Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees and leave to warm for just a couple of minutes.

Absolutely wonderful especially is washed down with a cup of tea or coffee.