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The Origin of Our Pies

First made in the 1700's, the original Piroshki was known as the Russian miner's pie. Its unique hand decoration was a visual reminder to the miner of his wife's love as he toiled dangerously below ground. She deliberately fully encased the generous filling in a bread dough to stop it from falling out - and to keep it fresher longer !

Our Baking Heritage

I describe it as "200 years in the Baking"

With a heritage of six generations of Russian baking knowledge, my business, The Russian Food Company Limited, based in the UK, has created a multi-award winning 21st century version of the piroshki. Each pie is hand-crafted to suit the taste and ingredient preferences of today's healthy eaters.

The history of my enterprise goes back to my family's business started in the 1800’s in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now in Sheffield, I have revived six generations of old fashioned baking knowledge.

My dough recipe is at least 150 years old and like then I don't use anything other than traditionally milled flours without the addition of junk ! Also I buy ingredients from others in our area who also avoid the unnecessary contamination of their produce.

I use a minimum of mechanisation in the making of my hand-crafted Russian piroshki (pies). The results of this throwback to the old way of doing food serves me well.

Our Russian Pies have picked up a bunch of awards at The Great Taste Awards this year (2018) 3 star = Sea Bass & Cod / 2 star = Chicken & Chorizo / 2 star = Beef & Onion / 1 star = Salmon & Cream Cheese / 1 star = Chicken, Cranberries & Walnuts /

Also I have won 19 British Pie Awards in the last 3 years - including another Class Champion cup in 2018 and a Class Champion in 2017 for one of our pies - knocking the big brand 'Ginsters' into 2nd place. How satisfying was that ! :-)

My business is self-financed though we recently won a £25,000 investment from an Accelerator programme. This year is our best ever.

Uniquely, no other food company in the world marries authentic Russian savoury pie making traditions to modern British taste.

The Pies Themselves

I have created a healthier and luxurious alternative to the traditional British pie. As you know the latter are made with a pastry that is typically high in fat. My pie dough has about 90% less fat content.

My piroshki - which means small pie - is a lightly-sweet, soft baked yeast dough wrapped around an exquisitely seasoned savoury or sweet pie filling. Hand-decorated and beautifully baked. Equally enjoyable cold or hot and can be eaten in the hand or as part of a main course meal.

Two features regularly praised are how I get the seasoning 'just right' and the 'perfect bake'. 

There is a market for a pie like mine. It starts with the 17% of the population who would label themselves as "Committed Foodie" (*) - that's over 10m people across the UK. Now, after a few years of selling, we are seeing the adoption by those who I would describe as the 'late adopter' segment. In time, our pies will become mass market as it penetrates all segments of the bell curve of adoption

* EXPLORING BRITAIN’S FOOD LANDSCAPE 2018 - Great British Chefs - Research Study.

Who is behind The Russian Food Company?

Great progress has been made since my re-boot of the family business by me and my partner.

The Founders

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Leeza's recent media appearances